Nursing: Caring for your parents

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Nursing: Caring for your parents

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10/7/2019 12:01:06 AM

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For your assigned family, complete the following: 1. Describe the identified members of the family and their roles in the family. 2. Analyze the impact (both positive and negative) that caring for an elder member of the family has on the family members. 3. What social factors make the home care situation successful? 4. What social factors put a strain on the family? 5. Identify stressors that you observe in the family members. Describe the stressors and provide ideas about sources of support that would assist the family caregivers. Community resources? Family resources? 6. Identify and describe the community or professional resources that are present in the family situation depicted in your particular segment of the video. 7. Describe the positive or negative impact that the professional caregivers have on both the elder client and the family members. If there are no professionals in your video segment, just state that there were no interactions with a professional depicted. 8. Summarize your reflections about problems that you have assessed in the family situations. Describe three (3) interventions that you would recommend to support the family caregivers. 9. Support your recommendations for the family caregiver and/or the elder parent with evidence-based journal articles from the nursing or healthcare literature. 10. Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition (2009) as your guide to format the body of the paper as well as the citations and reference page. CHOSEN FAMILY: Ricardo and his wife, Nelly and Raul (from “Caring for Your Parents” (WBGH – PBS) Ricardo cares for his elderly parents, who both have their own health issues, and he is doing so on his own. There is contention between Ricardo and his sister, because she argues that she is unable to help more because of her own personal life and distance, while Ricardo feels abandoned and that the burden of care is placed solely on him. Both of Ricardo’s parents have lived with him at one point in time, and when their care became too difficult to manage at home, Ricardo had to find a nursing facility for them to receive around the clock care. After work each day, Ricardo splits his time driving to the nursing homes to visit his parents, and since they are divorced, they live in separate facilities. While Ricardo’s mother was living at home, she began wandering, and it created a major source of stress because Ricardo and Diosa were constantly worried about Nellie leaving. After one incident which involved police and helicopter surveillance only to find Nellie standing alone in a lake after wandering out of the house that night, Ricardo and Diosa struggled but ultimately decided to place Nellie in a facility. Ricardo’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and his father suffers from prostate cancer. Their health statuses are a source of stress, and require Ricardo to remain vigilant in their care by attending appointments and having to make difficult decisions regarding their care. Ricardo’s mother’s cognitive function has declined to the point where she now identifies him as her brother, and while Ricardo states that he is “used to this”” by now

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