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Paper/ Project

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11/7/2019 11:09:14 PM

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11/19/2019 23:59



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4     Double-spaced (1200 words)

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Course Work

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The paper must meet APA guidelines. Include a cover page and reference list (not included as part of the minimum of 2 pages of content) NOTE: If there are any difficulties submitting through Blackboard, be sure to email submission to the professor. Technical difficulties are not an excuse for tardy submission. Remember that clear communication in business is essential. All writing assignments should contain flawless grammar, spelling, organization, and composition. A paper with perfect content but poor styling is subject to earning a failing grade. Your paper must include at least 3 references from Mohin, 1 reference from Rogers, and address at least 4 of the following bullet points. Option 1 The student will write a paper that addresses at least 4 of the following items: In your own words define corporate social responsibility (CSR). Identify the differences between legal, ethical and moral corporate obligations. Explain the significance of the role of CSR in the contemporary business environment. Discuss why for-profit companies would want to have a corporate social responsibility strategy and initiatives. Explain how companies can go about aligning with (or selecting) CSR initiatives. How can they make their CSR initiatives impactful and relevant to their business? Identify and evaluate potential risks/criticisms or backlash of corporate social responsibility programs. Option 2 The student will select a Fortune 500 company engaged in CSR and compare/contrast it to one of its chief competitors that is also engaged in CSR. The student must write a paper that addresses at least 5 of the following items, including item #9: What model of CSR is each company using? Is the chosen CSR model appropriate for each company? Is the model sustainable? Why or why not? Are both models sustainable? What levels of quantifiable success has each company’s CSR initiative achieved? Is the CSR initiative producing a measurable result? What hurdles have either company encountered related to the CSR initiative? What sort of enhancements to the CSR initiative would you make? Which company is better at promoting? Create an argument for which company has the better more sustainable model. Please do not use first person in writing. eBook info will be provided when accepted.

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