Communication Ethics Case Study Paper

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Communication Ethics Case Study Paper

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10/7/2019 8:53:29 AM

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10/08/2019 11:00


Communication Strategies

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4     Double-spaced (1200 words)

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Case Study

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In this paper, you will provide a detailed analysis of one contemporary case with specific implications for communication ethics. Find a case that has happened within last 3 years (if you choose to select an older case, you have to justify why it still has implications for the contemporary communication ethics). Your case should exemplify some type of communication ethics dilemma or issue. You are free to select any subfield of communication that is interesting to you, including public address, political communication, public relations, international communication, business communication, mass communication, journalism, digital media etc. Paper Requirements : a. The first portion of the paper should provide a detailed description of the case. Main facts regarding the case should be included as well as relevant nuances. (minimum length: 3 pages) b. The second portion should frame this specific case within a broader communication ethics inquiry. Thus, you want to categorize your case. Some of the questions you should be considering as you write this portion of the paper: What type of communication ethics problem is this? Why is it significant? What are some similar cases that could serve well for comparison? What are some benefits that might come from an analysis of this problem? (minimum length: 1 page) c. You should use at least 5 high quality references (for example trade publications, academic sources, reputable organizations, reputable mass media sources). d. Use APA style of citations. e. Paper should be double-spaced, 12pt-Times New Roman, standard margins. f. Title page is not necessary. Excluding the Reference-sheet, your paper should include at least 4 full pages of written content.

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