The Case: Timothy Earl Slawson

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The Case: Timothy Earl Slawson

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10/16/2019 1:47:05 AM

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Case Study

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Case Study

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Purpose: • To demonstrate your comprehension of specific schools of thought that contribute to criminological theory, including the assumptions each body of thought makes about human nature. • To demonstrate your ability to apply specific schools of thought to real-life events. • To clarify the strengths and weaknesses of specific schools of thought when applied to real-life events. Case Materials: All case materials are found on Blackboard in the Content Area: Critical Analysis / Formal Writing Assignment in the folder, The Case: Timothy Earl Slawson 1. Carefully read the affidavit filed by Agent Michael Dean, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, regarding Timothy Earl Slawson, defendant, in the death of Mindy Dawn Carder. 2. Carefully read the additional information concerning Timothy Earl Slawson and Mindy Dawn Carder. Besides the affidavit, you will find the following documents on Blackboard: a) Map of Locations in the case of Timothy Earl Slawson b) Timeline of Life-Course Events for Timothy Earl Slawson c) Newspaper Reporting on Timothy Earl Slawson d) Supervision-Intervention Report for Timothy Earl Slawson e) Supreme Court Ruling Re Slawson and Kellogg f) Mindy Dawn Carder Directions: After carefully reading the materials provided in the case of Timothy Earl Slawson, you are to write a critical analysis. In this analysis, you are to take the standpoint of a hypothetical theorist from each of the following schools of thought in criminology: A) The Classical School B) The Neo-Classical School C) Biological Determinism in Positivist Criminology From each of these standpoints, you are to provide an explanation for Slawson’s behavior directly before, during, and after the event in which he caused the death of Mindy Dawn Carder. These explanations should include whether Slawson is fully culpable, partially culpable, or not at all culpable for his actions and, given his level of culpability, what each standpoint generally proposes as the best response to his behavior and why. In the final part of your paper, you are to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each of these theoretical positions. You are to conclude your paper by highlighting relevant facts from the information provided about Timothy Earl Slawson that could help explain his behavior and why. You may also point to any possible short-comings in the Intervention / Supervision Report. Note of caution: In this assignment, I am not interested in how you personally view Timothy Earl Slawson’s behavior, whether or not you consider him ‘evil’, or whether or not you might think that Carder was in any way fully or partially responsible for any of the circumstances that led to her death. We all know, after all, that Timothy directly and purposefully caused the death of Mindy Dawn Carder and engaged in sexually deviant acts with her body after her death. We also know that Mindy Dawn Carder was involved in prostitution (though it was not Slawson’s intent to have sex with Carder but with Erin Smith, who had accompanied her, after which he intended on killing Smith). We also know that a male, named Whiteside, had driven the women to the location where Carder was killed, leaving the women on site after the first shots were fired. What I am interested in is how you apply the Classical School, the Neo-Classical School, and Biological Determinism to this case, as well as how you apply other information gained thus far in class. Submission: • Save your file using the following file-naming convention: LastNameFirstInitial_CriticalAnlaysis_CrimF19. My file name would be: WaldoK_CriticalAnalysis_CrimF19. • Upload your file into Blackboard. If you are using a MAC, you must save your .pages file in a format that is compatible with Microsoft BEFORE you upload your submission. • I can, using an external application, work with a .pdf, though this is not preferred. Format 1. Indent the first sentence of each paragraph by five spaces; do not add extra line spaces between paragraphs. 2. Use one-inch margins and standard 12-point or 11-point font (i.e.: Times New Roman or similar). 3. Double-space your paper. 4. Include a cover page. 5. Include in-text citations (do not cite the materials on Slawson or Carder other than mentioning specific documents in-text, such as: The map of locations indicates…; According to the affidavit…; According to the timeline….; The Intervention / Supervision Report found…..). Do cite relevant theoretical information either from your book, power points, or both. Use American Sociological Association (ASA) citation style (see below). 6. Include page numbers. 7. Include a bibliography. Your bibliography should be the last page of your paper and be titled References. References should be centered in the middle of the page (see below). 8. Your paper should be a minimum of three pages of text in length but no more than five pages, not including the cover page or references page. Format of citations and the bibliography: ASA Citation Style In-text Citations (Book author or Lecture) If the author’s / presenter’s name is mentioned in your sentence, use a parenthetical reference after the name to show the year of publication. Example: …Welch (1991) contends that this is not the case. If the author’s / presenter’s name is not mentioned in your sentence, it should be included along with the year of publication within parentheses. Do not separate the author’s name from the date using a comma! Example: …but it has been argued that this was not the case (Welch 1991). If using a direct quote from a book, page numbers should be included within parentheses after the year of publication. The year and page number or numbers are separated by a colon and no spaces. Do not separate the author’s name from the date using a comma! Example: …but it has been argued that “this was not the case” (Welch 1991:136). Alternatively, if the author’s name is mentioned, followed by the direct quote, the in-text citation should look like: Contrary to others in the field, Welsh (1991) wrote, “This was not the case” (p. 136). Reference page (ASA Citation Style) Center the word References at the top of your page. Each complete citation should be single spaced. Double space between references. Indent the second line of a single reference by five (5) spaces. To cite a book: Format: Author Last Name, First Name. Year of Publication. Title. City, State Abb./Country of Publisher: Publisher. Sample Citation: Welch, Kathleen E. 1999. Electric Rhetoric: Classical Rhetoric, Oralism, and a New Literacy. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. To cite a lecture or power point: Sample Citation: Yao, Yang. 2009. “The Disinterested Government: An Interpretation of China’s Economic Success in the Reform Era.” Presented at Trinity College, February 23, Hartford, CT. Grading Criteria Your paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 1) Thesis/Focus Proficiency will be shown through a clear thesis that closely matches the writing task and directions. 2) Organization, Reasoning, and Critical Thinking Proficiency will be shown through 1) a fully supported thesis; 2) effective, substantial, logical, and concretely developed supporting ideas; 3) effective transitions from one idea to the next; and 4) relevant and convincingly interpreted details. 3) Use of sources Proficiency will be shown through the use of appropriate sources (i.e.: the text and/or power points) to effectively illustrate and convincingly convey an understanding of course concepts. In-text citations using ASA style are present. A References page using ASA style is present. 4) Style and Writing Mechanics Proficiency will be shown through the use of varied sentences, appropriate vocabulary, a mature and consistent tone, and essentially error free writing.

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