Interpersonal Analysis Paper

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Interpersonal Analysis Paper

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3/3/2020 8:30:08 PM

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03/07/2020 20:00


Communications and Media

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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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~~From the professor~~ For this brief paper, you will be using interpersonal communication concepts and applying them to your personal life. You will need to select five concepts or theories that we have covered in the Trenholm and Jensen textbook thus far and do the following: -Properly define the concept or theory (including APA citations when necessary) -Demonstrate, with detail, how the concept or theory applies to your life, view of self, or view of society -Relate each of the concepts to your life such that the paper is not 5 different discussions, but instead a single discussion, with an introduction, body, and conclusion that uses 5 different concepts to make a point. ~For example, you might use five different concepts to explain interactions that you have had in a romantic relationship. Paper Details: The paper should be written in APA format: 12 point Times New Roman font, APA citations, double spaced. You do not need a cover page or abstract. The paper should be 3 pages in length Grading: You will be graded based upon the following criteria: -Writing Quality: assessment of whether or not the writing conforms to general stylistic expectations of academic writing and features clear and virtually error-free language. -Concept Application: assessment of whether each of the 5 concepts are correctly defined and applied. -Overall: assessment of how well the paper incorporates the 5 concepts together. ~~End of professor~~ I will provide you with the list of concepts obviously. In terms of relating them to my personal life, you can ask me questions to help guide the paper, or you can make up situations yourself as long as they make sense and relate to a normal caucasian male college student. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for considering my project!

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