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Project Discussion Response

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3/19/2020 6:35:16 PM

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Respond to the following discussion post. Response should be relevant and thought-provoking, innovative and indicate a high level of thought. Post: Global Green Books Publishing struggled because they did not have a proper project management plan in place. They had no processes in place to work through constraints that may arise, and their part time staff was not equipped or trained to handle the supply and demand that increased. A project plan would have ensured that Brad and Jim would have had a roadmap to guide them and processes in place to foresee issues and resolutions to those issues. The specific PM solutions that were introduced by Samantha that worked was the introduction of formal project management processes, risk management, and created a project management manual and trained the employees on all processes. Samantha was detail oriented and she focused on establishing a plan and executing it with the appropriate necessary steps. Samantha proved skillful in oral and written communication and she relayed the most fragile areas of failure for the company, such as an absent software program in place to aid scheduling and budgets to allow for proper accounting. If I were the PM, the suggestions I would give to Brad and Him would be first to take a moment and work backwards to create a strategic plan and a business case. Sounds like Brad and Jim were so focused on the success of the company, they forget all the important work to pave the way for the success. The idea of a publishing company is vital, first two years were profitable which means they were on the right track, but unfortunately, they bit off more than they could chew, and customers were feeling the decline. Once establishing a core plan, they need to keep their employees briefed and up to date on the mission of the company, the expectations that are required, and processes and protocols that must be completed in order to work a successful business flow. Jim and Brad should set up training sessions that ensure all employees are knowledgeable of the expectations and processes. If I were the PM, I would also create a detailed project charter. I would focus on a listing detailing: Project purpose: what is the sole point of Brad and Jim’s company, what is their mission, their purpose. Constraints: what are some constraints that may arise that could cause issues i.e budget, resources, schedules, etc Project description: a detailed summary of the project Risks: listing of risks that may be involved within the company, customers or stakeholders. Understanding all risks allows for streamlined mitigating. Scheduled goals: listing of milestone goals to meet, allows the project to stay on a path and be successful Budget summary: listing of all the costs associated with the project i.e. overhead, resources, permits and licensing, etc Stakeholders: a listing of all stakeholders that are involved in this project Project approval requirements: a listing indicating who and what decides the project meets the milestone goals, the project is successful and the hierarchy of approvals. Responsible Parties and their duties: listing of who the assigned positions are and their role i.e. who is the project manager, what roles and authority does this position entail. Other similar start-up businesses that struggled in a similar way is Starbucks. A company that got its start from two sophomore college students chancing an opportunity to bring a collaborated experience of great coffee and social outing together opened the first Starbucks in 1971. Unfortunately, by 1975 constraints of resources and funds become a strong hindrance and the company experienced issues the founders were not prepared for. A freeze devastated the coffee crop which forced coffee prices to spike and less sales to keep up. The founders focused on cost saving measures, resource reallocation and marketing to boost their sales and by 1978, business started pickup back up. They overcame their challenges by staying focused on their mission. The worked to implement plans to be put into place to set goals to be met in order to stay on track moving forward and overcome the negatives that were weighing the company down. Samantha may not be technically knowledgeable in a technology-intensive business, but I do believe she will be a successful project manager. Samantha has the skillsets and knowledge base to have a clear understanding of how a project moves from an idea to a solid execution and implementation. She already proved herself by seeing clearly what it was that Brad and Jim were trying to accomplish and she introduced risk management into purpose. This position will allow her to put her textbook skills to work in a real-life setting and gain the necessary experience to grow in her profession.

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