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A tip will be added if i can get both before midnight, Monday. I need 2 replies for 2 different Discussion Board threads. They only require 150 words for each reply. . . Thread #1 – Display designs in aviation have rapidly evolved over the last few decades to accommodate the ever-advancing technologic know-how and keep pace with safety and efficiency protocols. The display systems have been customarily designed to provide an up to date status of the various aircraft systems, including electrical, mechanical, optical, and environmental, as well as the current or anticipated system functioning, hardware and software condition, and record of the previous mileage. The display system is assembled to provide an enabling environment for the aircrew to efficiently perform flight deck visual, audible, and tactile signals, the establishment of the appropriate cockpit light assemblies, altitude altering, and control systems, as well as anti-collision minimal performance standards. The FAA commissioned “NextGen” is an implementation that aims at further modernizing and technologically advancing the US National Airspace System. The program integrates components from the forgoing components, and the improvements will contain tools to help create an enabling setting in air traffic and its control systems as well as the aircraft. Evidence-based policies and improvements on the existing standards of practice will be enhanced with the only shortcoming being the overhaul of most of the current systems and installation of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast that allows for easy communication between aircraft and the control centers in a bid to increase direct flights, reduce delays and reduce en-route errors. The provision of the display design is to allow for just a 500 feet separation of crafts plying the same route but comes with such dangers as safety concerns through the shift from radar to satellite and possible threats to several vessels through their “on-line” linkages in case of an extreme occasion like terrorism. This design is, however, feasible in case all the gaps on security priorities are met, which is possible through a centralized base of command and cyber intrusion. . Thread #2 – With the glass cockpit becoming more common place in aircraft ranging from the massive 737’s to smaller corporate aircraft, and even smaller general aviation aircraft, pilots now have the capability to pull up more information than ever before. So much so that information overload has now become a factor to consider and pilots have decide what information is most important to what they are doing in what moment. Because of the amount of information that can be displayed at once on the digital displays, the screen can become cluttered. A cluttered screen can cause the pilot to stare too long at the screen and fail to maintain a good outside to inside ratio for scanning. While having a copilot can alleviate the workload, not all flights and aircraft require or have the convenience of a copilot. As such, solo pilots have to know what information is needed. To assist with that, proper training and familiarization will best prepare the pilot. Another issue with digital displays that may arise is the methods in which to pull up the information needed. Some displays only have a minute amount of switch’s and toggles, requiring the pilot to have to select and scroll through multiple menus to find the correct information. In doing so, the pilot will either divert his attention for too long to operating the menus, or the pilot may spend too much time going back and forth between tasks to pull up the information in time. However, if the displays have more buttons and toggles, the potential for a pilot to accidentally select the wrong button arise. The two issues with “switchology”” again falls back on proper training. One would suggest more displays

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