What defines your social location


I am An A-B student .I need the paper to be a A-,B paper .the paper is based on me and my position in society .It needs to cover the 3 major perspectives in sociology structural functionalism, conflict theory,symbolic interactionism.I am an African woman mid 30’s with a child .i go to school and Work full time .so it needs to be from my point of view .???? please 

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I also sent a picture of the format the teacher is asking for of the assignment .

*it needs to be in APA formatting and citation with a reference page 

*free of spelling and grammatical errors 

*my full name :Shalona Ned 

team name :The Social butterflies 

class :sociology 101

time :2:30am 

date :19 May 2020

title :I can Fit in ,but I’m born to stand out .

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