Cardiovascular risk reducing hyperglycemic medications in treating adult type 2 diabetes

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Cardiovascular risk reducing hyperglycemic medications in treating adult type 2 diabetes

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6/1/2020 3:00:43 PM

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06/03/2020 23:59



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This is a literature review for Doctor of Nursing project I have to complete. My PICOT question is What are the perceived patient barriers to taking newly indicated cardiovascular risk reducing anti hyperglycemic medications for 30 days in the treatment of adult type 2 diabetic patients with established cardiovascular disease. This needs to include 2020 care guidelines discuss all trials that involves reducing cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes using SGLT2 and GLP 1, provider inertia in changing medications, patient non compliance in medication use, etc etc. I need as many sources that saturate the literature, using APA 7 Times New Roman 12 font double spaced 1 inch margins


Here is the guideline for the lit review, I tried to attach, but the button wouldn\’t work:Begin the review section by stating the purpose for the review. Briefly describe the search terms you used, the databases you searched, and the inclusion and exclusion criteria that you used. End this introductory section by summarizing how many articles and other types of sources you reviewed and the main themes or headings of your review. In the evidence review section you expand on the background and significance section.11FINAL 2019-2020 Aleshire 08/12/2019The goals of a review of current evidence are to present an in-depth, current state of knowledge about your specific topic and to support your rationale for choosing a particular intervention or approach to address the problem described in your background and significance section. You can think of this section as a puzzle, with each article being one piece about an aspect of the problem you are addressing with your project. To complete the puzzle, you will connect information from the articles to reveal the whole picture, which is the state of knowledge about your topic. The review of current evidence section cannot be written without having completed a thorough literature search, including periodic literature as well as evidence available in the gray literature2. The sources you use for the evidence review should be those that are directly relatedto your problem. Frequently refer back to your study purpose and specific aims to ensure that you are searching for and using appropriate sources directly related to your topic of study. The length of this section will depend on the complexity of the problem; that is, more complex problems mean you will have more literature to review for the various contributing factors. A reasonable starting point is to have at least 15 articles, but you may end up with many more. Use the most recent literature to ensure that you are reporting the current state of the science on the topic. Using literature and other evidence published in the last five years is a practical guideline to follow, but when there has been little study of the problem you may have to use older literature (ask faculty if appropriate before using literature older than 5 years). Landmark studies (also referred to as seminal works) will often be older and are important to include. You should select original research, systematic reviews, or meta-analyses, when available. It is not necessary to limit your literature review to randomized controlled trials, but they should be included when available. Include information from other types of well-conducted studies (e.g. quasi-2 For a discussion of gray literature see 2019-2020 Aleshire 08/12/2019experimental designs, epidemiological studies, qualitative studies, etc.) when the findings contribute to understanding the nature of the problem. Minimize the use of summary articles or anecdotal reports; remember, you want evidence, not someone else’s opinion about the evidence. You will find it useful to prepare a literature matrix to organize the evidence you gather. The matrix will include a summary and evaluation of the evidence, including methods and findings. To help prevent plagiarism, use your own words when you are summarizing what you have read. As you are conducting your literature search, read and reread, analyze, and summarize the articles and other evidence you collect. Make sure you understand and internalize the information conveyed, that is, what you have read should become part of your own knowledge base. Evaluate each piece of evidence, determining its quality and validity for your project. prevent plagiarism, use your own words when you are summarizing what you have read. The next step is to synthesize the findings from the evidence reviewed. A synthesis is not a string of summaries of the sources, paragraph by paragraph. Nor is it an integration of the information in each column of your matrix. Rather, the findings from the articles are organized in a thematic way. Identify the overall themes or key concepts that are reported in the literature you have read and develop an outline for your literature review. Organize the review according to the themes and concepts, using the themes as the subheadings in this section. For example, in a review on the use of decision-making tools for advanced care planning, the themes might be acceptability of the tool, usefulness of the tool, effectiveness of the tool, and provider responsibilities for using the tool. For each theme or concept, you will report the findings from the literature that address this the theme, and discuss differences, similarities, and controversies in the evidence. Identify major trends, patterns, or gaps you may have found in the literature and identify relationships among sources reviewed. A single study might be discussed in a single,13FINAL 2019-2020 Aleshire 08/12/2019several, or e

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