Argument and Research Essay

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Argument and Research Essay

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4/15/2020 5:06:00 AM

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04/17/2020 19:00


English Literature

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6     Double-spaced (1800 words)

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Essay #4: Argument and Research (Due April 17) For this final paper, you will be writing an argument, calling on all the skills and techniques you’ve learned this semester in reading Elements of Argument and Being Logical.  Before you start to write, I recommend that you return to the relevant chapters in both books and reread the descriptions, definitions, and explanations of the structure of argument.  You may choose whether to build your premises and claims into a Toulmin argument—the more traditional presentation of claim first, followed by premises and explanation—or Rogerian—an exploration of opposing views, arriving at the claim in the conclusion.  In either case, your claim will be a categorical statement (McInerny 41-42).  You will choose one of the following research questions as a starting point and create your thesis/claim as the answer to the question.  In an essay of at least 6 pages, you will defend and support your claim, incorporating information from at least 4 outside sources, citing the information and quotes in correct MLA form. Due April 17.   Research Paper Questions and Topics: Democracy and Tyranny, Public Policy, Human Rights, and Ethics For your research paper, choose ONE of the questions listed below.  Read the question carefully; consider the parts of a thorough answer and argument; outline your approach; and race to the library to do your research.  Some of the questions have appeared as prompts for earlier papers—please do not choose one you have written about before. PLEASE PICK ONE TOPIC FROM THESE CHOICES: –What are the potential causes of conflict between the classes of people in a society?  In what way may it be possible to design a government to control such conflict?  Is it possible for one government to protect the interests of all classes of people? –In what ways does a democracy protect the rights of children and others who are unable to vote or direct their own destinies?  In what ways might the powerless be better served by another form of government? —To what extent should government have power to control individuals during emergencies?  –What is the connection between materialism and ethical behavior?

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