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Instructions:This essay will respond to the arguments generated by the Presocratics, Sophists, and philosophers who disagreed about Physis and Nomos. Please quote from the readings we had in class to support your claims AND add a Bibliography at the end of your paper.This essay will be based on the 5 section paper. The paper will consist of 1. An Introduction, 2. Overview of the arguments and names of those who argue for Physis, 3. Overview of the arguments and names of those for Nomos, 4. Your perspective on this issue—for which do you argue? Why? How does this affect ONE particular contemporary issue? 5. ConclusionGrading will be based on the adherence to the structure requested thoughtfulness of your answers, quotes you use from the readings, and a reasonably easy to follow essay structure.Please upload your paper and be sure to title it with your “YourLastName_Physis-Nomos.”” Please upload a .doc

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