Creative Change & Innovation – Assignment 3

***Please also see attached assignment guide***


Assignment 3 is an individual essay. For this essay students are required to identify an external issue or problem within their chosen organisation, that has been intensified by social or other media. From this identification, students are to critically discuss this issue or problem in relation to how it has been perceived within their chosen organisation, along with the impact it could have on future productivity.

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As part of this critical discussion and analysis students are expected to decide on what creative contribution and novel solution the organisation would benefit from that will resolve or diminish the problem that has been intensified by social or other media. Students are then required to create a framework to demonstrate the suggested approach the organisation can take, and make recommendations for its implementation.

This is an individual essay. You can construct this essay in any format or layout of your choice, providing you fulfil the assessment criteria and brief. This essay requires students to underpin their discussions with academic theory. At post-graduate level there is an expectation that the essay will have a clear structure, evidence of understanding, relevance and application, and originality

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