School Counseling Case Study Report

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School Counseling Case Study Report

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4/21/2020 4:39:28 PM

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04/23/2020 12:00



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5     Double-spaced (1500 words)

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Case Study

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This case study report is for a school counseling class in a master’s program. I was given a scenario of a High School Student looking to apply to colleges. Based on the background information I was given about the student, the assignment is to choose 3 Dream colleges and 2-3 Great Fit colleges. I am to include a rational of these schools and why I chose them for this student. I am also to write a one page detailed recommendation letter to one of these schools. The letter of recommendation should indicate the student’s academic, personal, and school attributes (some of which can be made up based on the following blurb). The student scenario is as follows: Nancy, or Ned, as she had once been called, knew from a very young age that she was a female in a boy’s body. She began to transition at the age of 8 and has been totally accepted by her friends and family. She even attended the senior prom last May with her boy friend, Jack. Now that she is applying to college it is important to her that she attend a college that will be transgender “friendly”. She is particularly interested in attending a school in an urban environment. Nancy is a solid “B” to “B+” Student and her favorite subjects are usually in the social sciences-psychology and sociology. She has taken both of these courses on the college level and has found them to be most interesting. Math is her downfall and is currently struggling in Pre Calculus. She is involved in many different activities and sports and likes the debate team, model UN and field hockey. If she attends a private college, financial aid will be necessary. She is hoping that she might get some merit money since her ACT scores are around 32.

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