Compare and Contrast Ideas of Universal Healthcare and its impact on taxes and accessibility to quality care and multiple options

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Compare and Contrast Ideas of Universal Healthcare and its impact on taxes and accessibility to quality care and multiple options

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10/2/2019 9:35:54 AM

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10/03/2019 23:59


Public Administration

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9     Double-spaced (2700 words)

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Research Paper

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I. Describe and analyze the historical development of PH in light of your topic PH issue. a. History of the issue b. Important achievements and setbacks throughout past PH history in relation to the issue II. Evaluate the role of public health organizations and their powers, duties, and ethical responsibilities in dealing with your chosen issue III. Demonstrate an understanding of public health basic principles of epidemiology, including rates, risk factors, disease determinants, causation and prevention in relation to your issue (see text for more information) IV. Identify and comprehend the determinants of health in relation to your issue on a global level including environmental, social, cultural, behavioral and biological factors V. Examine and analyze the concepts of prevention, detection and control can impact your issue a. Discuss what PH and other organizations would be involved in prevention, detection and … b. Discuss the financial implications of the delivery of prevention detection and control on both the public and private sector…possibly including the taxpayer (stakeholders) VI. Identify and comprehend the role of public health if this PH issue becomes an emergency situation for the country. a. What organizations and level of government would be involved b. How would an emergency involving your chosen public health issue be handled VII. What is the implication of the PH issue for our future?

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