Canadian History Summative Assignment

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Canadian History Summative Assignment

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4/19/2020 5:41:03 PM

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04/20/2020 23:59



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5     Double-spaced (1575 words)

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You are going to write an essay for this assignment. In the ever-changing global world, many people would argue that a nation must be fully aware of its history, identity and culture before that nation can take a stand on current global issues. Your job will be to present what that identity is, along with the history and cultures that shaped Canada as a nation. Your summative evaluation is broken into three segments; a research/process segment, a written report/essay and an exam which takes place during the regular scheduled exam period. The main question for the essay and presentation will be the same for each student, however your topics and research will take you on many different paths. Your Task: Using one of the major themes of this course, explain what has been the greatest significance/influence in the shaping of Canada’s identity. In your essay, you must make reference to at least 2 centuries (17th – 20th) covered in class, and include a minimum of two primary sources. Your essay should be approximately 1500 words, double-spaced, typed, Times New Roman font, size 12, regular margins, and in MLA format. Your themes: You may choose from the following list, or add one of your own, but check with me first. Human Rights Economics/trade Social Programs French/English relations Geography Role of Women Technological Innovations Aboriginal issues Immigration/Settlement Founding Peoples The Arts (literature, art, pop culture) Political Reform Canada / U.S. Relations Canada at War Reform movements (labour, anti-war, environmentalism) Canada in the global world (relationship with France, Britain and/or U.S) Supporting Information Any information gathered from outside sources (books, periodicals, the textbook, interviews or other sources) must be documented and cited in the form of footnotes. See the SRB or MLA Style Guide for details. This means, of course, that you will have to produce a list of works cited.

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