Leading Minds

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Leading Minds

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5/1/2020 11:01:53 AM

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05/05/2020 23:59



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2     Double-spaced (600 words)

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Case Study

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Think Piece #6 Gardner, H. E. (2011). Leading minds: An anatomy of leadership. Basic Books. Using critical thinking, answer the following question: Read Gardner’s (2011) Leading Minds and then discuss, as comprehensively as possible, how his work on leadership differs from yet complements traditional research on leadership from industrial-organizational and/or organizational behavior perspectives. Due Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST by uploading onto Canvas under Assignments. This is the only way assignments will be accepted. If you are having trouble uploading your document, please contact (as previously) the Extension School IT Department. Two-page double-spaced limit must absolutely be followed (but, as in your answer, please also feel free to think reasonably outside of the box here too). Please try to utilize the full two pages. Please use APA in-text citations when citing. A separate References section at the end of the think piece is not necessary. For resources, please look under Files tab, then Writing Resources. A title page and abstract not needed for think pieces. In order to answer the Think Piece fully, you may consider including support from articles, the textbook, and other resources as appropriate. These need to be cited appropriately as in-text citations. While we understand that there are various definitions relating to “think pieces,” we expect think pieces to discuss a topic thoroughly using critical thought and analysis. Your personal opinion should not be used widely in the think piece. General Rubric: A grade range- correct, thoughtful content + evidence of critical thinking + well-written (includes spelling, grammar, language, and organization) B grade range- content is there, but the writing is weak C grade range- well-written, not correct content D grade range- not well-written, nor correct content

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