Journal Article Critique

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Journal Article Critique

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8/18/2019 5:24:19 AM

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08/18/2019 22:00



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5     Double-spaced (1500 words)

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Article Critique

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For this assignment you will critique a peer-reviewed journal article and write a 4-5 page critique paper.  First,  you will select one of the articles below and then you will apply concepts you have learned in this class to  critique the article. Justify your responses and give examples from the article that helped you determine your  response. In your writing, address the following points:      Introduction  ? Description of the problem–Is the problem clearly stated? How does this article address a public health  problem for the target population?  ? Literature review—is a balanced viewpoint evident? Is a coherent theme evident?   ? Objectives—Are objectives clearly defined? Does it clearly state the purpose of the rest of the paper?    Methods  Participants  ? Who participated in the study? Were sufficient details provided about the participants?   ? Do the participants appear to reflect the target population?  ? In what settings were the data gathered?  ? Can you identify the procedure for selecting the sample? Why were these participants selected—is there  a bias in the selection in the participants?  Research design and measurement tools  Do you have enough information about the research design (procedures) that the study could be  replicated with different research participants?   ? Is the research design appropriate for the research questions or objectives?  ? Are the measurement tools clearly identified?  ? Are the measurement tools appropriate to understand the variables investigated in the study?   Results ? Did the researcher’s report their findings? If something possibly relevant isn’t evident, did they explain the omission? Are the results clearly related to the objectives of the study? Discussion Is the section clearly written? ? Does the discussion state how the findings relate to the objectives of the study? Are the conclusions about results logical? Are the implications, limitations, and recommendations for further research included? Your summary should include a title page, be size 12 – font and double spaced and use proper APA citations. Choose one of the following articles for this assignment. Collins, K. P., Weiss-Randall, D. N., & Henry, N. R. (2015). Managing Asthma on the College Campus: Findings of a Texas Pilot Study. Respiratory Care, 60(8), 1085-1090. Morrison, M., Collins, C., Lowe, J., & Giglia, R. (2015). Original Research – Quantitative: Factors associated with early cessation of breastfeeding in women with gestational diabetes mellitus. Women And Birth, 28143-147. Grothaus, T., Lorelle, S., Anderson, K., & Knight, J. (2011). Answering the Call: Facilitating Responsive Services for Students Experiencing Homelessness. Professional School Counseling, 14(3), 191-201.

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