Learning Disabilities Essay

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Learning Disabilities Essay

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10/29/2019 5:35:53 PM

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Select the essay topic that interests you the most. 10 Marks – Use appropriate research and/or literature to justify ideas within your paper. 10 Marks – Thoroughly address or answer the essay question or issue. Your answers or insights should be your own but should also be based firmly on the research or theoretical perspectives from articles you reviewed. 10 Marks – These marks are reserved for style, grammar, and general clarity of the paper. Your paper should be 5-7 pages in length (including references). Use APA approved style throughout for referencing and citations. In addition to the course-based lecture reading for your topic, you are required to use at least three other academic sources to support your ideas. These sources should be journal articles, textbooks, or scientific reports. There are many critical issues facing the field of learning disabilities. The following paper choices deal with different types of issues facing the field. For this assignment, you must select a paper topic from the following three options: Essay I Since the definition of learning disabilities was first proposed in 1963, stakeholders have struggled to truly understand what the term means. There is often disagreement and confusion between researchers, clinicians, and educators about the definition and also about who should be served under the special education category of “learning disabilities”. Buttner and Hasselhorn (2011) deal with this issue in their article “Learning disabilities: Debates on definition, causes, subtypes, and responses”. In your paper describe the state of the definition of LD and also discuss why forging a clear definition has been challenging. What are your recommendations about moving forward with the definition of learning disabilities? Be sure to use empirical support for your ideas (i.e. journal articles, textbooks, reports, etc.). Essay II When working with individuals with learning disabilities it is important to understand the underlying cause of the disorder. Gable, Gibson, Gruen, and LoTurco in their article “Progress towards a cellular neurobiology of reading disability”, discuss the potential scientific causes of reading disabilities. In your paper discuss how a scientific based approach can be used with parents of a child with learning disabilities. In other words, discuss how you might talk with a parent about the underlying cause of learning disabilities. What are the important ideas to discuss with parents? Be sure to use empirical support for your ideas (i.e. journal articles, textbooks, reports, etc.). Essay III In schools today, learning to reading is an important developmental skill. Children with learning disabilities often experience great difficulty with the reading process. This difficulty is complicated by children’s lack of motivation to engage in reading – as evidenced by the “Matthew effect”. In our class reading by Scruton & McNamara, motivation is described as a critical component to reading interventions for vulnerable readers. In your paper, describe the important link between the reading process and motivation. Also describe how inclusive classrooms can be designed to support and motivate children with reading disabilities. Be sure to support your ideas with empirical evidence (i.e. journal articles, textbooks, reports, etc.).

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