Enlightenment and The Modern Self

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Enlightenment and The Modern Self

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5/3/2020 5:33:07 AM

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05/07/2020 23:59



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7     Double-spaced (2100 words)

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The Enlightenment and the Modern Self. Drawing from the Texts of John Locke, Lady Montagu, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Sièyes’ “What is the Third Estate,” Grégoire’s “Memoire in Favor of the People of Color and Mixed Race,” “The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen,” and de Gouge’s “Declaration of the Rights of Women,” can you identify how a modern sense of humanity emerged in the Enlightenment? What were these modern ideas of humanity and how did they differ from the world of preceding the Enlightenment? How does science play into these visions of social status? There are many texts. A few are long, some are very short—one page in many cases. The declarations of rights are all drawn from the first Declaration. Draw on primary examples from as many as you can. They are related and they do tell a certain progressive story of the evolution of the human condition and human rights. What is the idea of progress these authors assert? How is it new? What world do they envision, and how do they think we will get there? You do not have to draw on all texts. I would recommend drawing on one or two long texts and the declarations. These texts are found in the two readers by Margaret Jacob and Lynn Hunt !!!SOURCED MATERIAL MUST BE FROM ABOVE ONLY!!! 7-10 pages, 12 point Times or Times New Roman font, no nonsense in margins.

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