1. In your post, include specific citations of the assigned videos — Violence: An American Tradition. [Do not summarize]
  2. Use APA format (correct citation of video and readings)
  3. The title should reflect your overall argument –ProcessOR Critical Framework
  4. Primary post should be 500 – 700 words.
  5. Consider the following questions, take a side on the debate and argue it to the end of your post :
    • Of the following theoretical frameworks we have covered in this course, which would best explain violence overall: (given what you have seen in the entire documentary): process or critical criminological? Why? [identify two clips that support your choice]
    • Within the framework you have chosen (process or critical), which specific theory best applies?
      • Use one additional case example from the documentary.
      • Identify the theory and the key elements and provide evidence from the videos, chapter 11 lectures and textbook to illustrate your ideas.
    • What violent, interpersonal crime may not be well explained by the theory you have chosen? Why? 

Be certain to show that you have reviewed the course text, lectures, links and videos.Reference specific ideas from video presentations, as well as chapters and lecture material to support your ideas though comparison. 


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