1. Clearly cite evidence from the textbook chapter (quotes and page #), lectures, and video. This post should be substantive and consist of 400+ words.
  2. Create and subscribe to your own thread.  
  3. Think of and identify as your discussion title, one of the criminal phenomenon discussed in the CSPAN Crime Trends video. First reaction:What you think causes the type of crime you identified and why?
  4. Applying one of the historical theories of crime from Module 1 lecture (History & Criminology), in your opinion, would best explain this type of crime, and why? What is thespecific historical theory from the historical criminology course material?What are the key elements of that theory?   [Choose the one that best supports your opinion] 
  5. Reflecting upon the discussion in the C-SPAN video about crime trends, as well as the presentation of Adam Lanza’s lethal actions in the Frontline documentary, consider the following: 
    • Do you think crime is better explained using historical theory you have chosen ORone of the individual trait theoriesfound in Module 2 (specify biosocial/genes, OR psychosocial conditions). [Choose the one that best supports your thesis]. Why one and not the other?  
    • Regardless of whether you chose a historical over individual trait theory, do you think the PCL-R is useful for some types of criminals? Why or why not? What is your PCL score? What do you think your score means? 

Be certain to show that you have reviewed the course text, lectures, links and videos.Reference specific ideas from video presentations, as well as chapters and lecture material to support your ideas though comparison. 


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