CRM platform case study

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CRM platform case study

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3/12/2020 12:25:56 PM

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03/14/2020 23:59



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2     Double-spaced (600 words)

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PowerPoint Presentation

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Make a Recommendation for CRM or Automation Software: One of the most practical outcomes will be developing the ability to evaluate and choose appropriate software for customer relationship management, and marketing automation, based on the specific needs of your business or client. In this assignment you will assess a business’s current marketing process, requirements and budget and provide a recommendation for a solution with a specific corresponding technology platform. The case study presented will describe a company with a specific challenge and budget that needs to satisfied. The assignment will be to review their existing process, identify opportunities for improvement and propose a specific technology platform that would enable them to overcome their challenge. This is an assignment to be formatted as a PowerPoint presentation (or Keynote) – no more than 10 slides. Global Ticketing Business delivers live experiences at scale. Global Ticketing Business’s mission is to create memories on a massive scale. They are a top 5 global e-commerce player selling 15 tickets per second to events happening around the world. Every year Global Ticketing Business sells nearly 500 million tickets for a huge variety of concerts, events, and games, and every year their sites receive more than a billion visits. While these numbers highlight Global Ticketing Business’s success, it also underlines the tremendous task it faces. Now, as customers look for smarter, faster, and more personalized experiences, the task of providing those experiences at scale becomes more challenging. In this customer-experience driven time, Global Ticketing Business found that it\’s IT infrastructure had an opportunity to better collaborate. “Everything was in silos. Purchase confirmations might be handled with one system, while password resets were handled by separate emails. The data didn’t really connect and the systems didn’t talk to each other,” said, Chief Product Officer. The problem is that as Global Ticketing Business has grown they have added on multiple tools and databases to their tech stack, each one solving one problem, but nothing was bringing everything together. What they need is a single solution where they can keep track of all their customers data. They want to be able to know what is being purchased by whom when, what their preferences are etc. They want to be able to email these customers with all kinds of communications from purchase confirmation to customer support and marketing/promotions. Their budget is $10,000,000 to start but said they can spend more pending the degree of integration required. In addition, they have entire teams of in-house developers who are available to build additional required software on top of any CRM platform, so there needs to be a very robust API that can be integrated with. Key points: – power point presentation (no more than 10 slides) should include at least: – propose specific technology platform that will help them overcome their challenges – situation analysis – business objective and marketing goals – recommendation with sufficient detail: – plan’s scope and intent, measurement of effectiveness and other relevant information for each tactic. the attached files is the same as the description here just to better see it.

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