Week 4 Discussion 1


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Week 4 Discussion 1

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5/31/2020 6:02:53 PM

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06/02/2020 20:00



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Title: Discussion Board #1 – Week 4 – Comparison Total Possible Points: 12 pts Based on week 1 and 3 discussions, draw a comparison between the differences and similarities of how non-profit organizations and for-profit entities leverage social media to reach their audience: Provide a brief summary of both organizations and their social media presence Compare similarities in their approach, if any Compare differences in their approach, if any Share 1 to 2 observations and insights Include a minimum of one reference from the textbook or documents provided. Note: In your initial response, change the subject to the specific organization you are discussing. As the goal is to generate dialogue about a variety of categories and social media presence, to qualify for full credit select an organization that belongs to an industry that hasn’t been described by another student. In your initial response: Write a one to two paragraphs (400-700) words addressing the requirements listed above As a general guideline, a well-constructed initial response: Fully answers the question. Relates course concepts to the question and includes 1 or more direct or indirect quotations from your text or other scholarly sources. Provides specific examples to clarify and relate your posts to organizational realities. Uses good sentence structure, grammar and spelling.




Just kidding! The for profit company is Ford and non profit is Banner Healthcare Network. The are the two company’s to draw a comparison from.eBook info: https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/user/signinemail: ericebacher@gmail.com

password: Password2!Please reference from the textbook at least once :)Let me know of any questions. Thank you!

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