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Reasearch Paper

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3/25/2020 3:44:48 PM

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03/30/2020 23:00



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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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Research Paper

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Final Paper ?Hello writers! Your final assignment will focus on researching and analyzing the use of rhetorical devices by well-known authors. ?In a 3-4 page paper, you will be asked to look at the work of one well-known literary figure, and argue how the author used their work to address an important political issue or concern of their time. **Using the list of rhetorical devices provided on Schoology, you will read your author’s work, locate one or more of their preferred rhetorical devices, and argue how that device(s) was used to persuade the reader.** Example: Say you discover your author has used cacophony (the deliberate use of harsh letter sounds: “The clash and clang of steel jarred him awake”). What does the use of cacophony do to the reader? Do all those harsh noises in the writing make them uncomfortable? Why would the writer want their reader to be uncomfortable in that moment of the text? How does this discomfort help the writer relate their purpose to their reader? A successful paper will: • Identify at least one rhetorical device used in your writer’s work (you can look at up to three different devices). • Closely analyze at least 3 passages in the text where your device(s) were used. • Argue how the author intentionally used each device to impact the reader in some deliberate way (how does each device push the reader towards the authors main objective?) • Show research: o Who was your author? o What political movements were/are they involved in? o What would a reader of the authors time already known about that political movement? • Have a “so what” – Explain to your reader the importance you see in recognizing your writer’s use of rhetorical devices. (How does it help us understand their political topic or the story in general?) • Be well organized: relate your ideas in a concise, logical, and well-paced manner. • Be free of typos, missing punctuation, etc. (Proofread!!!) • Include a work cited page in MLA format o Four sources are required MY STORY WAS (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WHERE ARE YOU GOING BY JOYCE) I have the 4 annotated bibliographies that should be use for the paper Brewster, Mary P., and Alyssa McLaughlin. “Child Victims.”” The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice

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