Social work care coordination

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Social work care coordination

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10/29/2019 7:28:42 PM

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Read: to answer the following questions 1). Bao, Y. Casalino, L.P., Pincus, H.A. (2013). Behavioral health and health care reform models: Patient-centered medical home, health home, and accountable care organization. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 40(1), 121-132. 2). Green, A,R., Tan-McGrory, A., Cervantes, M.C., Betancourt, J.R. (2010, October). Leveraging quality improvement to achieve equity in health care. Joint Commission journal on quality and patient safety/Joint Commission Resources, 36(10), 435-442. After reading the two journal articles. In 3 paragraphs, please answer the following questions: site the following two articles 1.What is care coordination? What are the opportunities and challenges faced by Social Workers in this role? 2.What is the role of the Social Worker in integrative care? What are the opportunities and challenges faced by Social Workers in this role? 3.The Green et. al (2013) article discusses ways that quality improvement can focus on reducing health disparities and increasing cultural competence. The Bao et al. (2013) article discusses different ways providers can be held accountable to improve the health of the behavioral health population. Please focus on some solutions in one of these articles and tell me what you think would work to reduce health disparities in your practice settings.

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