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Health paper

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11/9/2019 11:04:50 AM

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6     Double-spaced (1800 words)

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Research Paper

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Philosophy 3010 Fall 2019 Research Paper Guidelines In your research paper, you will need to unpack the meanings and significance of a particular health-related “text.” Remember, many health-related texts exist (such as a particular health issue, a health care system, a health policy, a health behavior, a health belief, a health care practice, a written piece that discusses well-being, a verbal teaching or saying about health, etc.). Moving beyond whether you find the text entertaining, you will want to explore its meanings. For purposes of clarification, three primary stipulations accompany this assignment: 1) you must discuss the role of health in the text; 2) you must discuss other non-individual factors (social, political, physical environment, systems of privilege, etc.) that relate to the health-related topic; and 3) you must identify and explain the text’s relationship to ways of knowing (episteme). Other questions that should be considered during your analysis include: What have scholars said about the historical, cultural, and economic context of the text? What meanings have they assigned to it? Do you agree with their analyses? If not, why not? Has this text had any effect on your own life? If so, what? What possible effects might it have had on the lives of others? For the research component of this project, you will need to consult and cite at least 12 scholarly sources (books, journal articles, conference proceedings). The text you choose does not count as one of these sources, and only two of the 12 sources may be from credible websites. Thus, for Internet sources, you will need to use established, scholarly websites. Please note that this essay is not to be simply an expression of your opinion; it must be grounded in solid scholarly analysis. In other words, for this assignment, you will not be writing a seven-page response paper. Instead, you will be writing a seven-page research paper. Providing research and context—political, cultural, economic, social, historical—will be key. What do I mean by context? Think about some “texts” we have read for our class. An elementary investigation of Jennifer Nagel’s Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction, for instance, concedes that Nagel’s academic training, and socialization within Western educational institutions more broadly, contributed to its creation. However, Nagel’s text exemplifies more than just her educational life or social and political debates within the field of philosophy; her text intimately relates to psychology, history, sociology, and the role of cultural context. So in order to approach Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction as a text, it helps to understand the various political, social, historical, and epistemic dynamics surrounding its creation, use, and meaning. The paper is worth 30 points (i.e., 30% of your final grade for the class). It must be double-spaced and use 12-point Times or Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. The content is worth 25 points. How well you describe the text will be worth 5 points, how well you place the text in historical context will be worth 10 points, and how well you incorporate outside scholarship will be worth 10 points. Keep in mind, too that the use of primary sources (government or other documents, etc.) will strengthen your analysis and likely result in a better grade. When describing the text, you will need to sufficiently describe it so that someone who has not seen it, heard it, read it, etc., will have a good sense of its content and/or meaning. With respect to the last of the three parts of content, you will need to place your own analysis of the text in conversation with other scholars (not a literal conversation, but an acknowledgement of what other scholars have said and how your analysis relates to their views). In other words, how does your own analysis differ or adhere to what others have said about the text? How have other scholars been helpful in explaining the political and cultural climate of the era within which you are working? What new scholarly ground do you break in your analysis? Remember that you must cite these other works of scholarship in your paper, with all quotes referencing specific page numbers from these published sources. The citation style you choose is up to you—Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.—but you must be consistent throughout the essay. If you are unclear about the different citation styles, please see me. Finally, style will be worth 5 points. For example, how well structured is the essay? Does it contain a clear thesis statement? Does it have an introduction and a conclusion? Is it free of grammatical and spelling errors? I highly recommend that you take advantage of the resources available at NWHSU.

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