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Final Term Paper

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4/22/2020 6:32:04 PM

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04/26/2020 23:59


Communications and Media

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12     Double-spaced (3600 words)

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Course Work

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3,500-4,500 words MLA format Your term paper must refer to course materials and course readings, but you are also expected to do further research. Use relevant journal articles and books in making your critical analysis. Make use of at least 3 to 4 course readings, and 2 to 3 external sources (that is, critical, peer-reviewed academic articles or books). You may also use other sources such as websites, news and current-affairs sources, blogs, and so on. In The Image, Daniel Boorstin argues that our contemporary media environment is riddled with pseudo-events. Monitor the news to identify a pseudo-event—an event with the specific purpose of generating attention. A pseudo-event can take many forms, but generally has four characteristics: event, coverage, rationale, reaction. Explain, and use these four factors to organize your paper. Course Readings Available: Daniel Chandler, “Technological or Media Determinism” Harold Innis, “Media in Ancient Empires” Rick Salutin, “Last Call for Harold Innis” Franklin, Ursula. 1990. The Real World of Technology. Toronto: CBC Enterprises. Havelock, Eric. 1982. “The Greek Legacy.” In The Literate Revolution in Greece and Its Cultural Consequences. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Innis, Harold. 1964. Bias of Communication. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Innis, Harold. 1986. Empire and Communication. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Walter Ong, “Orality, Literacy, and Modern Media” Maurice Bloch, “Literacy and Enlightenment” Brian Street, “The ‘Autonomous’ Model: II Goody” o James Burke, “Communication in the Middle Ages” o Umberto Eco, “A Medieval Library” o Alberto Manguel, “The Silent Readers” o Reinhard Wittmann, “Was There a Reading Revolution at the End of the Eighteenth Century?” o Collette Snowden and Kerry Green, “Media Reporting, Mobility and Trauma” o Robert MacDougall, “The Wire Devils: Pulp Thrillers, the Telephone, and Action at a Distance in the Wiring of a Nation” o Harmeet Sawhney, “Wi-Fi Networks and the Rerun of the Cycle” o George H. Buck, “The First Wave: The Beginnings of Radio in Canadian Distance Education” o Hazel Lacohée, Nina Wakeford, and Ian Pearson, “A Social History of the Mobile Telephone with a View of Its Future” o Sirpa Tenhunen, “Mobile Technology in the Village: ICTs, Culture and Social Logistics in India” o Rosalynd Williams, “Dream Worlds of Consumption” o Robert Fulford, Selection from This Was Expo o Pamela Klaffke, “Consumers and Consumerism” o Susan Sontag, “In Plato’s Cave” o Early Cinema, Timeline o Shearon Lowery and Melvin L. DeFleur, “The Invasion from Mars: Radio Panics America” o Mary Vipond, “British or American?: Canada’s ‘Mixed’ Broadcasting System in the 1930s” o Lawrence Soley, “Radio: Clandestine Broadcasting, 1948–1967” o Tanya Bosch, “Radio as an Instrument of Protest: The History of Bush Radio” o Horace Newcomb and Paul M. Hirsch, “Television as a Cultural Forum: Implications for Research” o Camille Paglia, “SHE WANTS HER TV! HE WANTS HIS BOOK!: A (Mostly) Polite Conversation About Our Image Culture” o Richard Gruneau, “Introduction: Why TVTV?” o Moses Znaimer, “TVTV Talks Back: A Rebuttal” o Corinne Squire, “Empowering Women? The Oprah Winfrey Show” o Bill Nichols, Excerpt from “At the Limits of Reality (TV)” o Daniel Boorstin, “From News Gathering to News Making: A Flood of Pseudo-Events” o Michel Foucault, “Panopticism” o Tom Brignall III, “The New Panopticon: The Internet Viewed as a Structure of Social Control” o Alberto Manguel, “The Library as Shadow” o Marshall McLuhan, “The Gadget Lover: Narcissus as Narcosis”

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