Rhetorical Analysis of a Film Using Prior Knowledge

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Rhetorical Analysis of a Film Using Prior Knowledge

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2/18/2020 4:01:31 PM

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02/20/2020 23:59



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5     Double-spaced (1500 words)

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Key Theoretical Concepts: We analyzed the film District 9, considering how it responds to its particular rhetorical situation: the intended audience (audience); the filmmaker (author); the release date, genre and some of the main claims (text); as well as the filmmaker’s purpose, the potential occasion and exigency, and any relevant surrounding context. We also considered how the film illustrates the complexity of social and political oppression, which often involves a dehumanization and/or animalization process, thereby engaging us in our course theme at large. We discussed the film’s effective appeals to logos, the overall strategy by the filmmaker to present and organize the filmic evidence (such as dialogue, character development, setting, music, etc.) in an attempt to persuade an audience to accept a value-based claim. We also examined the film’s effective appeals to ethos, a strategy in which the filmmaker crafts and presents a “self” of good character by employing multiple approaches (demonstrating self as an authority, establishing one’s credibility) as a means of persuading an audience. Lastly, we studied the film’s effective appeals to pathos, a strategy in which the filmmaker aims to evoke specific emotions from the intended audience to make it favorably disposed toward a particular message or claim. You should now understand that these appeals are made in an attempt to achieve a purpose and that they are contextual; meaning, they are meant for a particular audience at a particular point in time. Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your understanding of the rhetorical situation of the film, as well as how this text influences its intended audience through specific appeals. Therefore, after easing your readers into the general topic, your essay will begin by identifying the rhetorical situation of the film. Then, you will analyze how the filmmaker employs the rhetorical strategies ethos and pathos in response to the particular rhetorical situation of the film. More specifically, with the understanding that every text makes a claim, you will identify a claim the filmmaker makes about oppression, and then explain how he appeals to his audience in order to advance this claim. In sum, your main claim will address the following questions: Does Blomkamp effectively advance a claim about oppression by developing ethos with the intended audience and evoking pathos from it? Text: The film District 9 directed by Neill Blomkamp Details and Requirements: 1) Your analysis must demonstrate an accurate understanding of the rhetorical situation, as well as ethos and pathos. Your analysis of ethos should include the filmmaker’s intrinsic ethos (how the film demonstrates his credibility), as well as extrinsic ethos (how outside sources develop his authority with some in his audience). 2) You will craft a logical claim (argument) 3) Your overall claim will appear in the introduction, and your body paragraphs will focus on supporting that claim with fully developed reasons. 4) To fully develop your reasons in support of your main claim, you will use evidence from the film. While this evidence must include dialogue (rhetoric) from the film, it might also mention visual and aural (sound) elements. You should describe the elements and scenes under analysis for your readers, and provide some context of this evidence within the film because some in your audience have not seen the film. 5) Review some of the print and video interviews to better understand the filmmaker’s purpose and perspective (lens), as well as the exigency and surrounding context. 6) Underline your main claim (thesis) 7) Include in-text citations when integrating evidence borrowed from sources in support of your claims. Document the sources you use with a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. The in-text citations and Works Cited page should conform to MLA conventions. 8) Format your entire essay, including the heading and header (last name and page number), according to MLA conventions. MLA also requires specific formatting of parenthetical citations within your essay for quotations and paraphrases. 9) The length requirement is 5-6 pages (NOT including the works cited page); NO less than 5 full pages Audience: Your audience for this essay includes the College student body and your English professor. Since some in the audience have not seen the film, you will need to summarize the plot briefly (about 6-7 sentences). This academic audience will expect a clear, logical, and well-organized argument—meeting this expectation builds logos with your audience. In addition, they will expect an analysis that is supported by filmic and textual evidence, and one that is free from grammatical errors—meeting these expectations will develop ethos.

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