Essay 1: Indigenous Issues

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Essay 1: Indigenous Issues

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10/30/2019 8:08:51 PM

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10/31/2019 23:59



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6     Double-spaced (1800 words)

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Assignment Description:The first essay asks you to report information to your readers involving much research on your chosen topic/issue. Informative essays attempt to transfer thoroughly researched information to readers on a tightly focused topic/issue. With this in mind, there are several nuances that this essay must embody. Assignment Sequence:Spend some time thinking about what you want out of this assignment. What is an Indigenous issue that needs special attention? Again, the requirement is that you are personally invested in the issue. The other requirement is that this issue be focused within the confines of Native American or other Indigenous communities. Your focus can be anything, just as long as you are personally invested in it and it is told through a non-bias lens and from an objective perspective. Furthermore, this essay is meant to be more than just a report. It is an informative essay meant to communicate very important information that you feel readers need to know. With this requires: 1) a tightly focused topic; 2) accurate, well researched information; 3) several modes of writing (narration, description, academic research writing, etc); 4) classifying; 5) and defining items appropriately. Just remember, what is important to you may not be important to others; your job is to make it so. However, this is not to mean for you to venture into persuasive techniques; this is an informative essay. Again, the topic you choose to write about is completely up to you. Topics that have been chosen before are: –American Indian sororities and fraternities nationwide –Scholarships made available for American Indian students –Resources for American Indian families living off the reservation–the PIMC (Phoenix Indian Medical Center)–State of health amongst American Indian peoples–American Indian authoritative figures and their guidance and mentorship–Representing oneself as an American Indian –Housing issues for the Pima tribes–A comparison of American Indian culture to European culture–Navajo jobs on the reservation–Peruvian peoples and the oppression upon them in the 1950’s on corporations–US government compensation for actions imposed on Native Americans in the past–Jurisdictional issues relating to crime–Women’s roles within Indigenous people–Dichotomous relation of religion—Christianity and Traditional Indigenous people–Haitian traditions, what is voodoo—or is it only voodoo– Stereotypes of Native Americans in film–The exploitation of Indigenous people for conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone–New and emerging representations of Native Americans in (choose your field)–Native American students of today versus Native American students of decades ago–Indigenous people empowered to become leaders and not tradesmen–Military a large role in contemporary Navajo culture–Positive historical references about how mainstream culture and figures that have actually assisted in plight of Indigenous affairs –etc, etc, etcJust remember, regardless of the issue, your primary goal for this essay is to purely deliver and effectively communicate information. It is easy to slip into an argumentative/persuasive tone. Do not do this. You will have full license to include the persuasive voice in Essays 2 and 3. Let the information and research presented let readers make their own conclusions. Think of your essay as an elongated, better researched, and academically communicated news report.Assignment Requirements:–6-8 pages in length (more toward 8)–essay must be an informative essay–should be well researched (seek 15 sources)–document sources using MLA formatting style–subject should be focused on an Indigenous issue –specificity and detailing should be privileged–strict 3 prong essay structure—intro with thesis, body paragraphs and conclusion –tightly focused intro that engages readers–tightly focused and concisely written thesis statement moving away from statements like “this essay will cover the following…” (not an example of a thesis)–refer to syllabus for formatting issues (doublespacing, heading, etc)

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