Lab report reflecting on articles

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Lab report reflecting on articles

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3/11/2020 3:36:04 PM

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03/12/2020 12:30



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2     Double-spaced (600 words)

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Lab Report

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Hi how are you, so for this report you will be examining a canadien environmental health issue, which is Ice sheets and polar bear survival. I will provide you with a question that you would need to find an article and 2 other journal articles relating to it, and that is the base of the assignment. The question is: can we have an artificial protected area full with ice to help polar bears survive, as scientists suggest that by 2050 the Arctic will be ice free, in which it will make polar bears starve. you can change the question chosen as long as you can find an article and 2 journal articles that relates to it. Note : these articles MUST all be primary litreture . please follow the assignment outline including citation methods provided below. Homework Assignment: Environment in the Media Essay For homework you will write a maximum two-page report relating to the chosen question, newspaper article and two related journal articles. I will provide the question for you General • Write clearly and concisely using proper paragraphs, sentences, grammar, and spelling. • Type report. Use 2.5 cm (1 inch) margins, 12 point font, double spaced. Present in a professional manner. • Write in the past tense. Remember you are writing about something (research) that has already been completed. In addition, to keep your writing impersonal, write in the third person and avoid words such as “I” and “we” whenever possible. For example; instead of “My data supported my hypothesis”, write “The results supported the hypothesis…” and so on. • Include an appropriate title page. (1 mark) o Title: Develop a scientifically appropriate title for your report (e.g. what was tested? what organism was used?) – “Lab 4 – Newspaper article” is not a scientific title. When developing your title keep in mind that the reader should understand the nature of the report without reading the entire document. The following headings should not be included in your report. These are for guidance only. Summary of Chosen Newspaper Article 1 Paragraph; 2 marks • In one paragraph, in your own words, summarise your chosen newspaper article. Remember to include the “take-home” message(s) in your summary. Lab 4 summary assignment. • Immediately after this paragraph write “Question:” following by the chosen question. • Remember to reference the newspaper article within your summary (in-text citation). 15 BIOL 1001 Winter 2020 Lab 4—Environment in the Media Body Paragraph #1: 1 Paragraph; 2 marks • Address/answer your chosen question by referring to information outlined in the two primary journal articles you found. • Remember to include information from the two (2) primary journal articles. • Remember to include in-text citations where appropriate. Body Paragraph #2: 1 Paragraph; 2 marks • Outline your opinion regarding whether or not the additional information from the two primary journal articles alters the “take-home” message(s) of the newspaper article and/or causes you to think of the topic in a different way. Explain your reasoning. See an example of how new information (e.g. that from the primary literature) may alter one’s thinking or the message of an article. For this particular assignment, it is up to you to state, explain and support your opinion. • Make reference to the newspaper article and primary literature where necessary. Conclusion: 1 Paragraph; 2 marks • This paragraph wraps up the report and restates very briefly the important point(s) addressed. Remember this is the last thing that your reader will read and thus will be the most likely item to stick in his/her mind. Make it count! • Address the “take-home” message of the article, your chosen question and whether or not the information from the primary literature, used to address your question, alters the “take-home message” or your opinion on the topic. • 3 to 4 sentences maximum. References • Refer to Lab 1 from BIOL 1000 Lab Manual for correct CSE Name – Year System formatting of a reference list. • Remember to include all citations presented within the essay. • Remember to present in alphabetical order based on the last name of the first author. • Remember that each citation is single spaced. A blank line is left in between citations. • Remember to pay close attention to formatting details.

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