Organizational Behavior class online discussion

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Organizational Behavior class online discussion

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10/10/2019 9:09:41 PM

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online discussion question

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The text book to this class is: Organizational Behavior: Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace Jason Colquitt, Jeffery LePine, Michael Wesson McGraw-Hill Education, 5th Edition, 2016 There are two parts to this assignment, The first is to answer the the question in 250 original words referencing the books Chapter 7: Trust, Justice, & Ethics. The second part is to replay to a student’s post, I picked the one below and will need a response of 250 words referring the book as well. The question is: Putting yourself in the shoes of as a manager, which of the four justice dimensions (distributive, procedural, interpersonal, informational) would you find it most difficult to maximize? Which would be the easiest to maximize? If you had to focus your efforts on one of the four dimensions, which would you choose to focus on (in other words, which of the 4 dimensions do you think is most important). Need a response to this student’s posting below to which they picked to answer this question: Consider the three dimensions of trustworthiness noted in the textbook. Which of those dimensions would be most important when deciding whether to trust your boss? What about when deciding whether to trust a friend? If your two answers differ, why do you think they differ? Their response: Trustworthy in overall is important not only for companies bur for society in overall. When we can trust on someone, we mentally and emotionally feel more willingness to invest more effort and behave better in this relationship, which translated into companies and employees relationship, generates a good impact and positive atmosphere. In our workplace, in many cases we, as employees, feel that we cannot trust our bosses because we might feel they see us as replaceable members of the company that can be disposed and supersede in any moment by a new employee. This type of feelings usually come from observed behavior of the company in current or previous incidents or situations that indicate to the employee the company is not willing to spend the necessary resources to establish a proactive channel of communication to better incentivate a productive environment. When it comes to the tree dimensions of the trustworthiness the books mentions: ability, integrity and benevolence, I consider all them to be extremely important. We could not trust on someone who does not have the ability to perform in the way we expect, or we could not trust on someone who we believe is not basing his/her decision on our mutual good interest and lastly we could not trust on someone who we consider does not have the moral to act and behave with integrity. The question remains, which on is more important when we talk about work? From my perspective, integrity is the hardest to harvest due to the hidden aspects this implies. Ability is a feature that can be recognized due to antecedents that professional has demonstrated as a role player on the current or previous positions. At the same time, benevolence is another quality that our bosses can demonstrate on the daily basis of the company operation. Little acts of benevolence can easily suggest to the employee that his or her boss is acting in a good faith. On the contrary, integrity has to do with the internal morals of that person as a boss and the decision making process this person makes without any regrets or remorses. However, wen we talk about in a more personal level this can change. Because friends have an emotional effect in our lives, we tend to overlook details that could suggest us either to trust or not this person. In this case, I would say that the ability aspect is the most important because as friends we could be easy to thinks this “friend” has the ability to react or play the role we expect when in reality it might not be the case. For instance, when two friends decide to partner to open a business in many cases bot expect some things from the other that in many cases has been demonstrated no to be like that.

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