Water Infrastructure

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Water Infrastructure

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4/23/2020 10:25:58 PM

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04/24/2020 13:00


Environmental Issues

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6     Double-spaced (1500 words)

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Research Paper

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Our water infrastructure in the U.S. is in desperate need of repair. Why? Should we privatize our infrastructure, or not? What are the benefits to a private infrastructure? What are the benefits to a public infrastructure? Which do you think is better, and why? It is important to remember that the research paper is an argument; so you are doing more than just informing a reader about the subject. (In other words, no book reports!) You are making a point in this paper. You are answering the questions, “So, what? Why does any of this matter?” Your research paper must be thesis driven – it is not simply an informative paper. You must have a point-of-view about a topic and try to convince your reader of this point-ofview. You must have some reason for why you are writing this paper. • You must consider an alternative thesis in your paper. And, you must successfully address that alternative argument. o What would someone say against your argument? Why? Do you think that alternative argument is plausible? Why? • You should provide examples that support your thesis. Everything you say must be supported by examples. o These may be in the form of ethos, pathos and/or logos, but remember that the majority of your support must be more in the logos and ethos arena. • Your paper must be free of any argumentative fallacies. • Your paper must follow all MLA, 8th edition, guidelines

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