Social Research Questions

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Social Research Questions

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4/30/2020 3:11:58 PM

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List each of the five criteria for identifying a causal effect and briefly describe what they mean. Which three criteria are necessary to establish causality? Why are the remaining two important? To what extent do the personal dimensions of participant observation undermine or enhance the quality of the research? Focus on how relationships in the field could help you to learn new information, and how they could potentially make “objective” analysis difficult. What are the potential effects on the behavior of those being observed? Describe the special ethical considerations associated with evaluation research. How might a researcher lessen the detrimental impacts to subjects? What is the difference between a stakeholder and a researcher orientation in evaluation? How might these orientations differ with respect to the results of the evaluation study (provide at least one potential difference)? A politician campaigns on a platform of eliminating welfare benefits. One ad used by politician says: “Receipt of welfare benefits leads to poor school performance: People who receive welfare benefits have, on average, lower grades than people who do not receive welfare benefits.” Construct an argument to challenge this causal reasoning. Then, construct a plausible alterative explanation for low grades that does not involve an effect of welfare benefits on grades, but which does allow for their association. Telephone surveys are fast and efficient. Why not conduct all surveys by phone? In your answer, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of phone surveys. Be sure to clarify when another survey design is preferable (i.e. pick one other type of survey administration to compare and contrast with phone surveys, be sure to describe advantages and disadvantages). Describe grounded theory. How does grounded theory relate to deductive research? -Qualitative data analysis tends to be iterative and reflexive. Explain what each of these terms mean.

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