Canadians – More indebted than ever

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Canadians – More indebted than ever

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10/6/2019 4:24:11 PM

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10/09/2019 16:59



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Exercise – Canadians – More indebted than ever: Your task is to research the present indebtedness of Canadians through stories in the news over the last year (anytime in 2019). (search Google News, for example). In the first part of your response, research the facts about Canadian consumer (personal) indebtedness, and shape this into three points about the significance of this indebtedness using examples when possible. Some statistics are fine, but make sure you are not just quoting stats that you do not understand or are unable to explain. Journalists like to find personal stories of indebtness to personalize the struggles. Relate one or two stories (in your own words) that you found. Be able to explain how that person or family became indebted, how the debt grew if it did, and what are the consequences to the person and family. What is their plan or situation now? The purpose of the exercise is for you to understand debt as it is experienced today, as well as share your analysis of indebtedness with the rest of the class. As with all future exercises, you will need to cite and reference your sources, unless otherwise indicated. In-text citations

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