English 1C

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English 1C

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3/7/2020 10:47:20 AM

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03/08/2020 18:00



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5     Double-spaced (1500 words)

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The book of source is A World of Ideas. Would like to use the The Qualities of the Prince and Thoughts from the Tao-te Ching for comparison or reference in the paper. This is the topic: Can the desired qualities of the Prince be taught, or are they inherent? Does genetics or the environment produce these qualities? Outline that was submitted: It makes one think what makes a prince or a Master, and even a President. All they all consider a leader or is being a leader completely different? What is the difference, if any? When someone automatically thinks of a Prince, they think of England. They think of bloodline. Can that play a role in being a better leader because it has carried over through generations? These are some of the questions I am going to research so we can have a better explanation of being taught vs inherent. Does it help us to have such a ruler, or does it hurt us? Indeed, it might change how the president would run the country. Taught or inherent? It gives the audience an understanding of how it would help or not help a leader. To give as much information as possible towards the claim. Information that that will show the benefits from both sides. One can never stop learning even from the mistakes that they have made. Regardless if he is next in line/kin. Learning never stops, and with someone with that power should never stop learning. We all make mistakes, whether we have been taught or inherent. My essay is going to research how it different and if makes a better a Prince. Still working on the title Can the Prince be Taught? What Makes a Leader? What makes a prince? Is it from generations (bloodline)? Is itself taught? Who does this concern? How does it concern the people? How does it concern the government? Does the Prince want to learn? How does learning helping him gain power? Can learning from the past influence benefit you or not? How do other powerful men feel about this? Lao-Tzu feelings on what is a leader? Rousseau’s feelings on what is a leader. What is a Leader? What defines a Prince? What defines a Master? What defines a Leader? Annotated Bibliography (Will need three outside sources: at least two of these must be scholarly articles; two may be the two readings from the textbook. MLA style for works cited and in-text parenthetical citation.) Here is a link to the text book https://studydaddy.com/attachment/64804/2m7z7vp79a.pdf

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