Kate Chopin biography and literary analysis of “the storm”” “

Directly from the professor:


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For your final research, You will be researching the life of one of the authors we have studied this semester and you will then analyze a piece of the author\\\\\\\’s work that shows how the authors\\\\\\\’ own life influenced the theme character, or setting of the work.  If the piece you choose to analyze is not in our textbook, then please provide a photocopy of it for me with your report.


To prepare for writing this report, you would want to read some biographical information about the author and some critical  information on the short story, and then use evidence from the story and from your research to support your analysis of how an author\\\\\\\’s life experiences can inform his/her art. Remember to cite your sources (including our textbook of the source of the piece you are using) both in-text and in a works cited page. 


>You will need 2-3 sources for the biographical part of paper; 2-3 for the literary analysis half

>your paper should be 5-6 pages long, double spaced

>Read some critical analysis of the story and get a sense of what other critics might have said about how the author\\\\\\\’s life or time period informed the piece of writing ( analysis part) that the artist produced. 

>Brainstorm: consider the setting… is it one that would have been familiar to the artist?  What was he/she trying to show about that time and place? 

Consider the narrator\\\\\\\’s personality …does the narrator (or any of the other characters?) echo some of the the real-life concerns your author might have had in his/her real life  Consider the factor of \\\\\\\”Intentional ambiguity\\\\\\\””  and how the author might have used this device  to allow for  deeper critical thinking by the reader about an important social issue.  Describe what the social issue was and how successful you think the author was in teaching the reader something about this issue affects a certain population of society as a whole.  Take notes from the story as you go through it

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