Hacking the Human Body: Are Internal Medical Devices Safe in Today’s World?

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Hacking the Human Body: Are Internal Medical Devices Safe in Today’s World?

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8/24/2019 2:13:13 PM

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08/27/2019 23:59



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8     Double-spaced (2400 words)

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Research Paper

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I am looking for an augmentative research paper that explores the lack of Cyber Security implementations in medical devices that routinely surgically installed into the human body and whether it’s safe or if the benefits out weigh the risks. There’s been plenty of scenarios recently in the news of the ability to hack medical devices: – Naked Security by Sophos Security: Doctors Disabled Wireless in Dick Cheney’s Pace maker – Engadget- FDARecalls close to half-a-million pacemakers due to hacking fears – Zdnet- FDA warning: Heart implants can be hacked from 20 feet away – Jerome Radcliffe at Black Hat 2011 proved he can hack an insulin pump and use it to kill someone – North Korea hacked Bayer Medrad MRI devices. The argument that I would like to see laid out is that while a lot of medical devices are lacking in security (as well as basically all of IOT (internet of things) devices that could be dangerous if misused or hacked but basic security implementations such as securing wifi, turning off bluetooth, or changing default usernames and passwords would make the devices more secure. Writing a research paper gives you an opportunity to explore a topic of special interest, research that topic, and organize your research findings in writing for an academic audience. Through your preparation work, you have established an argumentative thesis statement and have planned a clear organization of your main points. Your research is complete, and the details are integrated into your writing plan. You have pulled it all together in a draft and have revised the paper’s organization, ideas, and words. In this task, you will write the final draft of your argumentative research paper. You may use the sources and thesis from Task 1, but it is not required. Aim for a polished, error-free submission. The writing tone for your research paper should be formal and appropriate for academic writing. The information in the paper should be based on credible source material. If needed, the “Topic Ideas” web link below can be used for selecting your paper topic. The paper must follow APA documentation guidelines and must include an APA-formatted reference list, not your annotated bibliography from Task 1. Any sources that you cite in the paper must be included in the reference list, and any source in the reference list must also be cited within your paper. Please see “Appendix B: APA Format” from the learning resource, found in the web links section below, for additional directions on creating an APA-formatted reference list. Note: An abstract is not required for this task, but including a title page is recommended. A. Write an original and cohesive argumentative research paper (suggested length of 8–10 pages). 1. Provide an effective introduction. 2. Provide an appropriate thesis statement that previews two to four main points. 3. Develop each of the previewed main points in effective paragraphs with support from a variety of sources. 4. Provide an effective conclusion. B. Incorporate seven academically credible sources in your paper. Note: More than seven sources may be used but are not required. C. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. Note: Refer to Appendix B, linked below, for assistance with referencing guidelines. D. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

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