Unit Plan Research Paper

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Unit Plan Research Paper

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10/17/2019 10:37:47 AM

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Research Paper

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With an inclusion model in US schools, special education teachers often interact and spend time with general education teachers and have students with disabilities receiving accommodations/modifications in this setting(s). Choose a content area subject (e.g., science, social studies) and design a unit of study that a general education and special education teacher could collaborate in teaching and managing during 2-4 weeks of daily instructional time. Use (and cite) ideas from our class’ two textbooks in your paper’s content. Those two text books are: Interactions: Collaboration skills for school professionals by Friend, M. P., & Cook, L. (2013) and The inclusive classroom: Strategies for effective differentiated instruction by Mastropieri, M. A., & Scruggs, T. E. (2018) These online resources may offer some ideas: K12 Reader Templates (offers example pages with a list of components; you would need to add to your narrative accommodations/modifications, how the special education teacher will be part of the instruction and assessment routines, etc.) MAST Special Education Guide Include these aspects: 1. Cover page 2. (start a new page) Type of disability(ies) per student, their strengths/weaknesses, and grade-level abilities for areas of weakness. State the number of students per disability type. 3. Grade level 4. Class size (including students with a disability(ies) 5. What subject area is the focus? What Common Core standards (e.g., 2-3) will be addressed? 6. What types of activities will general education students do during each class or series of classes. For example, writing an argumentative/persuasive essay about students’ smartphone use in classrooms; how will a student with an LD in writing (e.g., dysgraphia) manage planning and writing? How will formative assessment (progress monitoring/curriculum based measurement) be completed? Etc. What modifications (i.e., a seventh-grade student who operates at a third-grade reading level…would/could be offered a choice of third-grade books on the given topic) and accommodations (e.g., extra time on a test, fewer test questions from the same seventh-grade test, use of an eReader, ….) would you provide in parts of your unit’s plan? 7. What will the special education teacher’s time in general education and/or pull-out entail? 8. What will paraprofessionals involvement entail? 9. How will summative evaluation be managed? 6-7 pages, double spaced, of narrative text; bibliography with five (5) or more references (professional articles, books, websites). Your paper must conclude with an Implications for Practice section. . How has your perspective(s) about curriculum planning changed as a result of this research? What does your research review say to you about your teaching practices/strategies? What have you learned that you can apply to your teaching?

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