Case Study/Short Answer Questions – Social Advocacy Around the World

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Case Study/Short Answer Questions – Social Advocacy Around the World

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5/21/2020 11:03:55 PM

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05/22/2020 12:00



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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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Case Study

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In this assignment, you will reflect and respond to the listed questions using elaborative answers and referencing your textbook. Your answers should be specific. Also, make sure that you develop your paper following APA style in terms of formatting, citation, and references. You must include a cover page along with a reference page for this assignment. Your grade will be determined by: How well you demonstrate understanding of the concepts. How clearly and concisely you elaborate on your answers. How well-written your paper is, if it meets the required length, and if grammar and punctuation are accurate. How well APA standards are followed In your textbook, read the Case Study 1 titled Social Advocacy Around the World, located on pages 376-377. Then respond to the following questions: What is more important for a non-profit: the zone of social community or the zone of social commerce? How has this social advocacy channel in the zone of social community built momentum for the PfaP cause using altruistic impulse? Examine all of the ways that PfaP uses social media. What area would you improve? Why and how? Which social media site would you follow? Why? Please include a cover page. Content is 3 pages 🙂 eBook info will be provided once accepted



ebook info: ericebacher@gmail.compassword: Password2!Let me know of any questions 🙂 Thank you!

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