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4/23/2020 10:08:20 PM

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04/24/2020 23:59


Communications and Media

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6     Double-spaced (1800 words)

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Research Paper

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It’s a research paper about the topic that I chose. This is my topic proposal paragraph I had to turn in. For my research paper I would like to focus on the depiction of women in reality TV programs. Specifically, my research question will be: How does reality TV portray women, and how they should look/act? I would like to start by focusing on the type of women who get cast to be contestants on dating shows, but then also go on to look at how other women in reality tv shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s and The Real Housewives series are presented to viewers. At first I thought it would be easiest to only focus on the female cast members of dating shows, but then I took a look at some others that don’t involve any competition, and noticed some pretty distinct similarities. I intend to reveal the way that women are stereotyped and how they are expected to act on such programs. Women in the shows tend to be presented as objects of sex, and I want discover what the directors or producers have to do with this common depiction. I believe that this question is really important to answer because some of the ways that I see women being portrayed when I watch reality television are somewhat unrealistic, and seem to set us back in time. This topic is also really intriguing to me, because I have strong views about certain dating shows, like The Bachelor, and I would like to discover why so many women my age are so drawn to this certain show, and similar shows, because the unbelievability of it all tends to make the shows unappealing to me. Other than the shows I’ve already mentioned in this paragraph, I’m going to research and view the following; America’s Next Top Model, Vanderpump Rules, The Swan, Catfish, Queer Eye, Love is Blind, Love Island, The Circle, and more. I included my annotated bibliography, but I still need to add two more sources. My teacher is a very hard grader and a hard ass.



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