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This week you will be review all of the Chapters of your Text. This assignment for this week is due Wednesday. Assignment directions: You will write a 1200 to 1500 paper (using APA formatting). Develop a case scenario. This should include a paragraph that outlines a specific type of case that includes the following details related to the case such as the client, the issues presented, a brief history that brought the client to counseling, what the symptoms are, does the client have other relationships, etc.: Analyze a case study (analyze the case scenario that you create), explore the history of the client by describing possible elements of thought, mood, behavior, history, substance abuse, and client symptoms, and suggest one or more appropriate diagnoses. Determine which diagnosis might be appropriate and why? Use your knowledge of the DSM that you studied in class to link your possible diagnosis to the categories of the DSM. You will want to explore possible family or relationship issues. You are basically creating a scenario and then providing a detailed discussion of the case including the items above. You will also provide an ethical analysis and discuss any legal and/or ethical concerns. You will also explore any referrals that you might make and what treatment options and types of treatments would be considered.. You will need to use citations and references. You can use the text as one of the references. Use at least 4 references for this assignment.

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