Concept Map: Types of Hormonal and Metabolic Dysfunction

  1. DescriptionConcept mapping is an effective tool for studying.  These maps help to clarify relationships and patterns in unfamiliar material and help organize new information.  As in previous weeks, you will generate your own concept map to organize your thoughts and help understand the week’s material.  This week you will return to your concept map as you prepare your audio-visual presentation of your map for the discussion board.InstructionsThis concept map asks you to organize altered hormonal and metabolic function.  For this map, use Box 13.2 (found on page 327) to help you organize each of the six clinical models discussed in Chapter 13.  You should include links between branches of your map when appropriate (for example, when a condition may be due to more than one type of alteration).  For each of the six clinical models, include clinical manifestations, diagnostic criteria, and treatment modalities to help you organize your map.As in previous weeks, your concept map should explain relationships and terms within the concepts; the point of the assignment is to select information, organize the information, and express relationships.  This should not be a visual representation of words without connections or relationships.ExpectationsThe concept map is worth 6 points.  I encourage students to organize information in ways that make sense to them; while I will not deduct points for organizing information differently, students who complete the map with incorrect information will receive 3 points.  Incompletions result in 0 points.


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