Training and Development Diversity

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Training and Development Diversity

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2/18/2020 6:48:52 PM

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Objective: Explain the socially responsible use of training to manage career development and organizational diversity. Introduction Human resources and the training department are two of the key organizational players ensuring that all employees are provided with training and career development opportunities to enable them to perform at a high level in order to achieve company goals. Training must be aligned with the overall company strategy and with performance metrics to ensure training success as well as company success. This essay will allow you to synthesize how the socially responsible use of training can manage career development and organizational diversity. Deliverable The essay for this lesson is required to be a minimum of 750 words that clearly demonstrate your understanding of the activity. Essays should have a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written in APA format ( A minimum of three sources, at least two from the lesson, must be cited in-text and in the Reference list. Activity Details Step 1: Read the following scenario, then answer the questions. Use what you have learned about this lesson’s objective to summarize your responses. Performance metrics are particularly critical for call centers. Career development at call centers can vary, depending on the company’s strategy. StarTek, Citi (Citibank) and Anthem are three companies that have fast-paced, competitive call center environments. The demands on the employees are high and employees must be trained on products, services and interpersonal skills. Choose one of these companies, then research the company, its strategy, training and development practices and commitment to a diverse workforce. Are the company’s training programs linked to its overall organizational strategy? Do the training programs align with appropriate performance metrics? Does the company provide various methods of employee training tied to career development for all employees? What two best practices for organizational training does the company display? resources needed – Whetten, D.A, & Cameron, K.S. (2016) Developing management skills 9th ed Howard, D., Taylor, K., & Hall, R (20014) What makes a great training organization? A handbook of best practices 1st ed.

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