Deductive Essay (research paper)

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Deductive Essay (research paper)

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11/4/2019 2:58:57 AM

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11/06/2019 11:00


Medicine and Health

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6     Double-spaced (1800 words)

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Research Paper

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The use of special topics in the field of Kinesiology to develop an essay using the deductive reasoning approach to writing, along with supported evidence from a literature review utilizing the APA format. The purpose of this paper is: To familiarize the student with researching relevant topics of Kinesiology and to review current literature in the field. To ensure that students understand and can apply the mechanics of writing in the APA style, this is the preferred professional style of writing for the Kinesiology discipline. To apply the principles of writing a deductive essay/research paper. You are to research the existing literature on a topic of your choice from the list provided below. You are to develop your paper using the deductive style of writing. For example, if you were writing about bully in the physical education classroom, you may develop an argument that “the physical education environment promotes bullying behavior” or “the impact of bullying on students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer in physical education.” No personal stories or use of first-person, second–person, or third-person language in the essay unless directly quoting the literature. *I would like to present on this topic : Physical Therapy as a Change Agent to Promote Health and Wellness* Double spaced 1-inch margin on all 4 sides 14 size font Times New Roman script using Microsoft Word Abstract page (150 to 250 words) plus keywords (limit to 3 words) APA proper formatting for page 3 References page that cites your resources and citations A minimum of five refereed articles (from 5 scholarly journals that have different names) However, only one online website source may be used in the entire paper (optional, which will yield 5 sources) Sources of references may be expanded to include books, documents… after meeting the minimum requirement, except, you cannot use any secondary citations, chapters in books, theses, or dissertations. No citations can be prior to the year 2000, no exceptions. Papers shall be a minimum of 5 full pages of text and no longer than 7 full pages in text length, not including your references page, abstract page, and cover page. Failure to produce the minimum page text length can result in a failed grade. Paper must have only one of the following: table or figure. Each table or figure must be originally developed, it cannot be copied from another source. Paper narrative citations must be as follow: 3 direct quotations; 1 block quotation; 2+ (plus) indirect quotations of both in-text and parenthetical style (no quantity limit — however if every other line has a citation than one will wonder, what did you contribute to the writing of the paper?). VERY IMPORTANT – DO NOT CREATE STATEMENTS IN YOUR PAPER THAT IMPLIES FACTS, DATA OR STATISTICS. Example #1, In the United States at least half of the boys in eighth grade are bullied. Example #2, There are eight major types of bullying. #3The students believed that bullying was a game for adolescents to earn manhood. You must have a citation to support these types of factual based implied statements in a research paper.]

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