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Case Study

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8/12/2019 12:08:09 PM

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Research Paper

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The following Case Studies are based on cases from the course text. Your responses must be supported and substantiated by the information discussed by the text authors. All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written at graduate level English. You must include any relevant legal, ethical, and cultural considerations in your responses. Remember that your case analysis must be specific to the person(s) and situations presented in the case, and be supported by the text and other supportive resources with APA citation. An introduction and conclusion are required along with 4 scholarly journal articles no later than 2013. The other 2 references must be from these books: 1) Book (2013). DSM-5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. (5th). Arlington, VA American Psychiatric Association Inc. 978-0890425558 2) Book Capuzzi,D. & Stauffer, M.D. (2016). Foundations of Addiction Counseling. (3rd ed.). Boston, MA Pearson. ISBN 9780133998641 Directions For each of the cases below, discuss the following: 1) Clinical Issues 2) Legal and Ethical Issues 3) Cultural Issues 4) Diagnosis and Treatment Plan 5) Referrals and Community Resources Daphne Daphne, a 35-year-old African-American married mother of two, has struggled with anxiety since she was young, but has done well and graduated with a master’s degree in nursing 2 years ago. This year she was hired to teach nursing students in a hospital program. Due to her anxiety, her physician prescribed Valium. She loves her job but feels that the stress of being “on stage” can only be managed with the help of her medication. For 6 months, her physician continued to prescribe the sedative but has refused to prescribe it any longer because she is demanding more and stronger dosages in order to cope. Daphne has come to you in hopes of convincing the psychiatrist in your practice to prescribe valium for her. Marilyn and Du Nguyen Marilyn, a Caucasian female, reports that the major difficulty in her marriage is due to Du Nguyen’s constant gambling. Family savings are gone, and the couple is 3 months behind on mortgage payments. Du Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American, embarrassed for seeking counseling, says that he has tried stopping because he is worried about his marriage. He says he wants to quit and feels shameful and guilty, but when faced with an opportunity to bet on sports or horses, his impulses overcome his reason. He has tried a number of unsuccessful strategies to control himself, and he wants help in order to save his marriage. He says he wants to understand his urges and be able to control them.

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