bipolar disorder

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bipolar disorder

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10/1/2019 5:36:44 PM

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pt 1 pt2 pt3 IF THEY ASK FOR A USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO WATCH THE VIDEOS THE USERNAME IS jeethuvarghese the password is Jeejee123 Required Discussion Forum 4: Bipolar Disorders closes 10/2/19 Watch the Bipolar Diagnostic Interview – Parts 1, 2 & 3 (located in the module above), being sure to watch all three parts). Post a 300 word forum post in APA style addressing the following prompts: 1) Build a diagnosis, using info from the EPISODES, using the symptoms you saw in the First and Second Interview. In the first interview does Mary exhibit symptoms of depression or mania? In the second interview does Mary exhibit symptoms of depression or mania? 2) What is the most likely differential diagnosis? Why did you choose that diagnosis as a differential? 3A) What is the first line treatment for bipolar disorder? 3B) How can social workers support clients in accepting this first line treatment? Guidelines Pick resources cited either from the readings or from your own research – APA format with reference list Respond to one your classmate’s post within 48 hours of the discussion forum due date with a question you still have regarding your peer’s answer. If a post already has a question, please respond to someone who has not been commented on.

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