Modernity & Contemporary world

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Modernity & Contemporary world

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5/27/2020 3:41:39 PM

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5/28/2020 23:59



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Midterm PAPER. – TEXT BOOK LIFE EXAMINED foundational themes in ethical and socio political thought book will be needed in order to get the 2 concepts from…..I CAN SEND DIGITAL COPY OR PAY EXTRA Choose at least two concepts covered in the course from different authors. You may use the same concepts you used in your online discussions. It is up to you. Try to choose concepts that make sense to you, that you find interesting, that relate to one another, and that fit the object you have chosen. For each of these concepts, choose at least one direct quote from the course readings that best represents it. Choose a news article from the News section of the MyLearningSpace page to apply these two concepts to. Try to choose an object that makes sense to you, that you find interesting, and that fits the concepts you have chosen. Choose at least one direct quote from the object that best represents the part of the object that you plan to apply the concepts to. (You may want to choose a different quote from the article for each concept you have chosen.) Reference all the quotes you have chosen using the Chicago Author Date citation style (NOT footnotes or endnotes) with a works-cited list (or bibliography) at the end of your document. Using this material, write a 5-6 page (plus works cited) double spaced formal paper in which you: 1) explain the concepts you have chosen (What do the authors’ words mean in everyday language?) 2) apply those concepts to the news article you have chosen (What would the authors say about the object? What would the authors say to each other about this object?) 3) include your own opinion on the object and relate it to the opinions you attribute to the authors you have chosen. (What do you have to say about the object and what would you say to the authors?) Components: Your paper should include: 1) A brief introduction in which you: State what the paper is about. Name the authors you have chosen. Name the concepts you have selected from each author\’s work. Name the news article you have chosen. Suggest what relationship you are setting up between the concepts and the news article. 2) A series of body paragraphs in which you: Incorporate the quotes you have chosen. Wrap those quotes in sentences of your own words. Explain the concepts you have chosen in your own words. Support your understanding of those concepts by linking them to the quotes. Describe the news article you have chosen. Apply the concepts you have chosen to the news article. Explain why you think they are related, why one made you think of the other. Try to answer the question: \”What would the author I have chosen make of this news article? What argument(s) might they make about it?\”” Try to incorporate some of the key words used in the quotes you have chosen to show the connections you are making. Consider explaining the relationship between the applications you have described. Try to answer the question: what would each of these authors say to each other if they were having a conversation about the news article? Would they agree or disagree

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