Here is the second one:When comparing compliance and ethics I found them to differ quite more than I had originally anticipated. Compliance seems to be in accordance with rules and regulations. In other words, compliance is to follow a set of guidelines in order to fully get the best out of people within institutions. Ethics are more similar to moral codes or ways different cultures view certain things. When going through the MDAnderson code of ethics and compliance program this helped to reassure these ideas. MDAnderson states that their goal for compliance is to, “ensure the institution adheres to all applicable laws, rules and guidelines” (MDAnderson, 2020). As seen, compliance programs may be put in to place in order to effectively address concerns and issues within an organization.On the other hand, the goal of their code of ethics is to, “combine the activities of patient care, prevention, education, and research to benefit not only patients currently receiving care but also future generations” (MDAnderson, 2020). Although having similar goals in mind, to bring the best care to all their employees and patients, MD Anderson’s compliance program and code of ethics are phrased quite differently. The sentencing for each underlined their ultimate goal but is portrayed differently. The compliance program is basically worded as a mission statement in order to provide the best care possible. However, the code of ethics is worded as more of an official document, aimed at precisely relaying the information needed to insure quality care. Giving a list of principles helps to clarify this. Overall compliance and ethics are aimed to bring the best out of each and every situation with regard to people’s well being.


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03/19/2020 21:05  –  FROM: jjnapz

A Compliance Program is an act of conforming to an organization’s internal policies and procedures as required by laws and regulations (Weinstein, 2019). Compliance is enforcing organizations and employees to understand and follow policy and procedures, to minimize the risk of non-compliance issues. Since every organization is different, the compliance program should be written with what your organization requires and needs. There should be a compliance manager in every organization to enforce compliance and make sure employees understand and have someone to report to in case of an issue. There are seven fundamental elements of a compliance program which are, written policies and procedures, compliance professional, effective training, effective communication, internal monitoring (auditing), enforce your standards, and promptly respond to issues.An Ethics program is considered at a higher level than a compliance program. Ethics goes beyond what the law requires. It involves doing the right thing and following both the spirit and not just the letter of the law (Weinstein, 2019). An ethics program helps communicate your company’s business philosophy to employees, vendors, investors, and customers. A good ethics program can help strengthen your relationships with employees and customers and improve your company’s reputation (McGurgan, 2020).Every organization should have a compliance and ethics program. Some similarities would be practical employee training, encourage employees to come forward when an issue arises, create a haven for employees to communicate, good faith having the desire to help the organization. The difference with compliance would be it’s all about policy and procedures, while ethics is more about doing what is right, not just what the law requires.The sentencing guidelines offer incentives to organizations to reduce and ultimately eliminate criminal conduct by providing a structural foundation from which an organization may self-police its behavior through an effective compliance and ethics program. The prevention and detection of criminal conduct, as facilitated by an effective compliance and ethics program, will assist an organization in encouraging ethical manner and in complying fully with all applicable laws (USSC, 2015)

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