Discuss the effectiveness of Judicial Review as a curb on executive power in the UK.

Please use OSCOLA referencing. The word limit for this essay is 2,500 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography). The following factors will be taken into account by the module leaders in awarding a mark:

  • depth and breadth of research, including evidence of independent research: your research should be deep and thorough;
  • depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding: your knowledge of the topic should be deep, systematic and critical;
  • presentation: you should be able to use correct and grammatical English and to structure your essay in a way that enables you to discuss the topic coherently, systematically and critically;
  • citation of authorities and materials: you should adhere to the OSCOLA protocols scrupulously;
  • ability to critically review the legal position, (where appropriate);
  • ability to critically analyse problem scenarios and to apply the law (where appropriate).

Thank you!

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