Case Study-Week 2

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Case Study-Week 2

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3/8/2020 1:42:17 PM

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03/10/2020 20:00



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What do you think is the biggest challenge for adoption of High Speed Rail in US? T&L Case Study (A): High-Speed Rail/Train (HSR) v. Air/Aviation v. Road in the USA Your last week’s assignment was to compare different modes of transportation. Globally transport of passengers (and to a limited extent freight) by air and road has increasingly faced competition from the high-speed rail ( & ). Japan, France, Spain and now China have successfully adopted this alternative mode (HSR) of transportation. Besides the estimated cost advantage, rail also has other (suggested) benefits such: as lower fuel consumption and resultant lower emissions, reduction in housing costs, safety, congestion relief, etc. ( ). We in the US have however struggled to adopt this option. There have been few projects, but most of them are stuck in the early stages. The one HSR project that has gone the furthest is the California High-Speed Rail ( ). Even that has had its share of challenges and criticism ( & ). Our first T&L case study is the adoption of High-Speed Rail in the USA. I have linked various videos and articles for your reference. A google search will lead you to many more. I would like you to this week on the Discussion Board state what you think is the biggest challenge to the adoption of HSR as an alternative mode to air and road (cars/trucks/buses). Remember we are specifically considering High-Speed Rail (not regular commuter trains). Your assertions have to be backed by APA citations ( ). I strongly recommend that you consider multiple sources for your arguments. Post a 250 (absolute minimum) to 400-word ( you can go beyond) response using formal citations (APA with web URL). Please make the original post latest by 11:59am of Saturday this week (02/01/20). After posting your response, comment on the responses of minimum 2 other students (minimum100 words): due Monday 11:59pm of next week (02/03/20). Next week you will be submitting a written report based on your discussion. If you FIRST make a convincing unique argument that everyone agrees to and uses in their response, I will give it special consideration. Your report next week should build on the input received from others in the discussion this week. Please follow every instruction and include some info from the videos or link given above. Thanks

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